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August 23, 2019

We're talking with the product manager for the Hunter BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer, a battery operated watering solution with an easy to use app. There are so many situations that this device can be used to irrigate. Hopefully, you get inspired to try out this tap timer and find innovative ways to incorporate it into your irrigation needs.

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  • 0:30 - Introducing the BTT
  • 0:43 - Bluetooth technology is a huge improvement over conventional tap timers.
  • 1:18 - How does it work with the app.?
  • 1:40 - What applications would you use this? Is it for homeowners only or is it also good for professionals?
  • 2:20 - What type of irrigation can you hook up to it? Got a dog or a pool?
  • 3:00 - Accessories for drip irrigation?
  • 3:40 - Battery operation
  • 4:22 - Low battery light indicator and app notification
  • 4:46 - How fast is it to program? 30 seconds to get 2 start times, run time and water days.
  • 5:22 - Manually activate it or use the app.
  • 5:45 - So many options and applications
  • 6:18 - domestic and international version of the BTT

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