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We're speaking with the product manager of Hydrawise about how municipalities are switching to Hydrawise and seeing huge benefits. Hydrawise is leading the way in providing water management for large multiple sites like schools and parks. With Hydrawise, you can manage all those systems within one easy to use system.


  • 0:26 - How water management ties into Hydrawise
  • 0:58 - Who is using Hydrawise as a water management tool?
  • 1:28 - What benefits have these large agencies found in using Hydrawise as a water management tool?
  • 2:23 - How big of a system can you manage with Hydrawise?
  • 3:18 - A few examples of the benefits and real world improvements of using Hydrawise
  • 6:45 - What equipment do you need to manage a large irrigation system with Hydrawise?
  • 9:15 - Sign up and try Hydrawise


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