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Hydrawise is our focus this week as we speak with the Product Manager for Hydrawise, a Wi-Fi irrigation controller designed to work for your clients and you. By saving both water and time while protecting your client's landscape, Hydrawise can help you grow your business stronger faster.

IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch)

  • 0:45 - Quick summary about Hydrawise
  • 1:25 - How are contractors using Hydrawise with their business?
  • 2:00 - Example of a contractors using Hydrawise to monitor customers irrigation systems and generate extra revenue for their business.
  • 3:48 - Savings? How Hydrawise saves water.
  • 4:45 - Hydrawise uses internet-based weather to monitor irrigation
  • 5:09 - Integrating Solar-Sync with Hydrawise
  • 5:38 - Starting Point for professionals. How to get started with Hydrawise.
  • 6:48 - Setting up your business profile. Hydrawise lets you use your logo, your business details and let's you set up your employees in the Hydrawise system.

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