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September 6, 2019

Do you know about all the features of Hunter's Dripline product? Pressure-compensating options, check valve for slopes, color-coded striping to quickly identify the flow in the field, Kink- and UV-resistant, and more. Hear from the product manager of HDL and see if you knew about the many features Hunter builds into their dripline that professionals will appreciate.

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  • 0:41 - What is "MICRO-TOUGH"?
  • 1:19 - HDL - Hunter Dripline - features
  • 3:00 - Hunter stretch-wraps palettes for distributors
  • 3:32 - Why use HDL over other micro irrigation options?
  • 4:14 - Emitters inside the tubing
  • 5:25 - Check valves are in which dripline and what is the check height?
  • 6:15 - What other products work with this dripline?
  • 6:41 - Easy installation with Lock-fittings
  • 8:42 - Sustainable Manufacturing, Reprocess vs Recycled
  • 9:48 - Recap of all the features and benefits of Hunter's HDL dripline

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