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The Wireless Valve Link from Hunter Industries is an innovative product that allows license-free, wireless valve control for ICC2 and HCC Controllers. It can be used to expand an existing system or cross hardscapes and paving — all without trenching, plowing, or boring. It can even be used to bypass problematic existing wiring in the ground that would be time-consuming to troubleshoot.

The Wireless Valve Link has four main components that work together:

  • The Wireless Valve Output Module, or WVOM
  • The individual Wireless Valve Links, or WVLs, that go in the valve box
  • An optional repeater to extend range, listed as Hunter model RPT
  • And a free Bluetooth® App called Hunter WVOM that is used to set up and perform diagnostics on the system.

Two important accessories include the antenna extension kit, model ANTEXTKIT, and a solar power panel, model SP-WVL.