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  • 0:13 - Benefits of pressure regulation
  • 1:00 - Benefits of an under the sprinkler pressure regulator
  • 1:36 - Existing rotor pressure regulation
  • 2:48 - Retrofitting existing sprays to add pressure regulation with PR-075
  • 3:55 - What you would tell a customer about when to buy the PR-075
  • 4:44 - Adding the PR-075 gets your system back to spec
  • 5:40 - Save money using the drain check valve and a pressure regulation device
    • In this episode of Counter Buzz, you will learn all about the PR-075 pressure regulator, which reduces high water pressures of 50–100 PSI to 45 PSI on rotors with ¾" inlets. Pressure regulation allows nozzles to operate at peak efficiency, ensures accurate water delivery, prevents overspray onto hardscapes and adjacent areas, and saves up to 25% more water. The PR-075 gives contractors new opportunities to tune up existing systems that are not performing at their best by adding pressure regulation rather than replacing entire systems. For retrofit projects, simply install the regulator on the bottom of the rotor. The device works with all PGP® rotors, I-20 rotors, and any other brand of ¾" rotors.Pressure-Regulated PGP and I-20 Shrub RotorsPressure regulation is now offered as a fully integrated option for the riser-mounted PGP shrub and I-20 shrub rotors to provide an easy, one-piece solution when high water pressure is a concern. These models are ideal for slopes and in groundcover applications with thick underbrush.PGP-00-PRB and I-20-00-PRB shrub bodies reduce incoming pressures of 50–100 PSI to 45 PSI. Pressure regulation allows nozzles to operate at peak efficiency, saving up to 25% more water. For retrofit projects, no adjustments are needed during installation. Simply drop in the new rotor.