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Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary16:01

Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary

Deborah Hamlin of the Irrigation Association interviews Greg Hunter about Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary. Published: November 8, 2021Specialty
XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming15:10

XC Hybrid Controller Basic Programming

This is an overview of the basic programming for the XC Hybrid Controller from Hunter Industries....Tags: Controllers, XC Hybrid, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: November 3, 2021Field Knowledge
Pro-C Basic Programming15:08

Pro-C Basic Programming

This video shows you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and how to use its various features,...Tags: Controllers, Pro-C®, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: August 20, 2014Field Knowledge
Hydrawise Startup for Homeowner14:42

Hydrawise Startup for Homeowner

Here is an easy overview and walk-though of setting up your Hydrawise controller using your app. Tags: Hydrawise, Hydrawise® Software, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: September 1, 2020Field Knowledge
I-Core Controller: Advanced Programming with Extended Features14:26Series
2 of 4

I-Core Controller: Advanced Programming with Extended Features

In part two advanced programming and extended features, Mike will go through seasonal adjust, cycle and soak, delay between...Tags: Controllers, I-Core®, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: October 11, 2012Field Knowledge
ICC2 Field Knowledge- Basic Programming12:23

ICC2 Field Knowledge- Basic Programming

This video will show you all the basics you need to know for using the ICC2 Irrigation controller....Tags: Controllers, ICC2, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: January 3, 2017Field Knowledge
Living Green Walls: New Irrigation Inspirations12:06

Living Green Walls: New Irrigation Inspirations

Living Green Walls is the topic of this week's Counter Buzz. We talk with Dan from GrowUp, a green wall supplier, about...Published: August 2, 2019Counter Buzz
The Hydrawise Contractor Portal12:05

The Hydrawise Contractor Portal

An overview of the features for contractors found in the Hydrawise software that can be like adding a new technician to your...Tags: Water Management Software, Hydrawise® Software, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: February 16, 2017Field Knowledge
ACC Basic Programming: Startup11:43Series
1 of 9

ACC Basic Programming: Startup

In this video you will learn the basic steps to program an ACC controller.  How to set the date and time, programming...Tags: Controllers, ACC, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: August 12, 2013Field Knowledge
X2 Irrigation Controller, Programming at the Facepack11:35

X2 Irrigation Controller, Programming at the Facepack

This video provides an overview of basic offline programming with your X2 controller....Tags: Controllers, X2™, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: March 30, 2020Field Knowledge
TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors11:29

TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors

In this Counter Buzz, learn all about the Hunter TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors....Tags: Golf Rotor, GT-880, Counter Buzz, Full-LengthPublished: January 17, 2020Counter Buzz
NODE: Programming the NODE irrigation controller11:25

NODE: Programming the NODE irrigation controller

In this video, you will learn how to program the Node battery powered irrigation controller. The Node controller requires the...Tags: Controllers, NODE, Field Knowledge, Full-LengthPublished: June 17, 2014Field Knowledge


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