Counter Buzz

Irrigation and Lighting professionals will want to hear all about these great, free online tools developed by Hunter to help you grow your business. In this Counter Buzz episode, we talk with Hunter's Web Development Manager who explains these great resources available to you and how feedback from customers helped improve features of these apps that all professionals in the irrigation and lighting industry will want to use with their business.

IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch)

  • 1:07 - The SITEREC app.
  • 1:45 - How to use SITEREC to generate more revenue in your business
  • 2:10 - Is it easy to use?
  • 2:56 - Is SITEREC customizable for your unique business?
  • 3:33 - Do you need an internet connection to use SITEREC?
  • 4:13 - The My List app.
  • 4:43 - My List helps contractors, specifiers, and homeowners.
  • 5:33 - How easy is the interactive spec builder to use?
  • 6:19 - My List simplifies ordering process for lighting projects
  • 7:00 - How to save your lists for future use
  • 7:28 - Customer feedback helped develop the apps.
  • 8:04 - Customer feedback: SITEREC, Price Quote functionality
  • 8:28 - Customer feedback: MY List, Drag and Drop functionality
  • 9:11 - Will My List for FX Luminaire be made available for Hunter Irrigation?