Never tunnel under or cut through a sidewalk to install a flow sensor again! Designed for simple integration with the Hydrawise® Irrigation Management Platform, the Wireless HC Flow Meter from Hunter Industries saves time, materials, and labor for any new installation or retrofit project. When asphalt, concrete, or other hardscape materials get in the way, the Wireless HC Flow Meter is the ideal solution to deliver critical flow data, maximize water savings, and protect landscapes. 

Adding a flow-monitoring device to your irrigation system has never been so convenient. Simply pair the wireless communication kit with any  HC Flow Meter to enable highly reliable flow-monitoring capabilities for your Hydrawise system. With ¾", 1", 1½", and 2" (20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm) options available, the Wireless HC Flow Meter is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Compatible with Hydrawise enabled HC, Pro-HC, HPC, and HCC Controllers, this innovative and affordable kit is an invaluable addition to any Hydrawise system.

The Wireless HC Flow Meter communication kit consists of two parts: a wireless transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is powered by 3 long-lasting AA batteries and pairs with a physical HC Flow Meter* plumbed in the irrigation system (*HC Flow Meter sold separately). When flow is detected, the transmitter sends the flow data wirelessly to a receiver at the controller. The receiver is powered by the controller and transfers the flow data to the cloud-based Hydrawise Software as it’s received. Convenient status LEDs on both the transmitter and receiver provide visual confirmation that the system is reading flow and communicating properly. With a 500’ (152 m) line-of-sight range from transmitter to receiver, the Wireless HC Flow Meter provides a flexible, license-free solution for quickly and easily adding flow-monitoring capabilities to Hydrawise systems. 

By connecting directly to Hydrawise Software, the Wireless HC Flow Meter can automatically monitor, detect, and report alerts for critical flow zone data. This helps you know exactly how much water you’re using, or potentially losing, during irrigation. Additional capabilities include:

  • Total system flow monitoring
  • High- and low-flow alerts and push notifications
  • Station-level flow rates and totals
  • Total system water-use reporting
  • Leak detection

With the power and reliability of the best-in-class Hydrawise Irrigation Management Platform and the Wireless HC Flow Meter, you can rest assured that your landscape is protected 24/7. Better yet, there is no longer any need to dig labor-intensive tunnels or run costly wires when you can send accurate flow data wirelessly. Start saving water and simplifying flow meter installations today with this convenient wireless communication kit.