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Photo Usage Disclaimer

Disclaimer: It is illegal to reproduce Hunter photographs or other copyrighted material without the express written permission of the company. When used and/or reproduced, photos must be accompanied by the credit line: Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated. Hunter photos may not be used in association with copy, logos, or other graphic elements that represent other manufacturer's products. The recipient must follow these conditions. This includes using appropriate photo credits and providing a copy of any final printed piece to the Hunter Branding Department. If Hunter images are used on a website, those pages need to be approved by the Branding Department prior to being posted on the web. Similarly, if our images are to be used for billboard advertising or truck marking, Hunter must approve the design prior to final production. Do you agree? By clicking on the links, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

All images must say "Courtesy of Hunter Industries" either within or next to the image.

Guidelines for Using the Hunter Logo

The word HUNTER and the tag line THE IRRIGATION INNOVATORS are registered trademarks owned by Hunter Industries, Inc. They are the primary means by which Hunter's superior reputation in the irrigation industry are associated with Hunter's exceptional products and services. Contactors, distributors, retailers, publishers and others may, subject to the following usage guidelines, use these trademarks to promote the sale of genuine Hunter products and services and to distinguish them from those offered by Hunter's competitors. It is important that HUNTER and THE IRRIGATION INNOVATORS be used correctly and consistently in all marketing literature, web sites, and other promotional media. The consistency needed to establish a powerful brand message with customers can best be achieved by following the usage guidelines set forth hereafter.

Using the Hunter Logo

  • The HUNTER word trademark should only be used in the special font depicted above. The word HUNTER in this special font comprises the HUNTER logo.
  • When using the HUNTER logo, the R inside of a circle federal registration symbol (®) must always appear as a superscript after the final letter in HUNTER.
  • The HUNTER logo should print 100% in black, but it can also print 100% in color or reverse from a dark background to accommodate printing limitations.
  • The HUNTER logo must always be reproduced as a graphic file and should never be redrawn, modified or manually typeset.
  • Do not stretch, italicize, compress, skew, angle, curve or otherwise distort the HUNTER logo. Doing so impairs the integrity of the HUNTER logo and introduces inconsistency in the way the company's brand is represented.
  • Do not use another font for the word HUNTER. The distinctive design of the letters is an inherent part of the HUNTER logo.
  • Do not incorporate the HUNTER logo into text as a read-through graphic.
  • Except for the word GOLF and the tag line as discussed hereafter, do not add additional text to the HUNTER logo. The only authorized use of the HUNTER logo is in the stylized type shown above; no other words may be used in this stylized typeface except for the tag line.
  • Do not add decorative elements behind or around the HUNTER logo, even if they are related to Hunter's identity (e.g., do not place artwork of a sprinkler or rain drops alongside the HUNTER logo). This weakens and dilutes the overall impact of the world famous HUNTER logo and makes it less recognizable.

Tag Line

  • THE IRRIGATION INNOVATORS is a registered trademark owned by Hunter that may be used with the HUNTER logo as shown above. No other wording should be used as a tag line. The tag line should appear under the HUNTER logo. The use of the tag line with the HUNTER logo is not mandatory. The tag line may also be used separately.
  • The tag line can appear in either all capital letters (CAPS) or both capital and lower case (Clc). A general rule of thumb is to capitalize all letters for clarity if the type is 8 points or smaller; capital and lower case is generally used if the type is larger than 8 points.
  • The R inside of a circle federal registration symbol should always appear as a superscript after the final letter in INNOVATORS when the tag line is used by itself. When the tag line is used in conjunction with the HUNTER logo, the R inside of a circle federal registration symbol should only be used as a superscript after the final letter in HUNTER as shown below.

Area of Clear Space

There must be ample clear space between the HUNTER logo and the other elements such as type, illustrations, photographs, or the edge of a printed item. The area of clear space ensures that other elements in the layout do not compete with the HUNTER logo.

There should be a minimum amount of clear space on all sides of the logo that is equal to half the height of the capital "H".