Solenoid Connections - Electric VIH Models

TTS Electric Valve-In-Head models have solenoid lead wires protruding from the rotor’s body in the traditional manner. Controller field wires can be connected to the rotor, using the specified watertight wiring connectors, at this sub-surface position. If specified or requested otherwise, the solenoid lead wires and controller field wires can be pulled up into the rotor’s flange compartment where the initial connections can be made (recommended). Regardless of the initial connection point, future solenoid repair connections can be made within the flange compartment.


Caution! When connecting solenoid leads outside of the flange compartment, DO NOT pull solenoid leads downward in an attempt to provide more exposed solenoid wire. Electric TTS rotors REQUIRE slack in solenoid wiring within the flange compartment to facilitate servicing of the pilot valve and solenoid. Removing the slack can limit movement of the On-Auto-Off selector and require cutting of solenoid wires to service pilot valve and/or solenoid.

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