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Upper Snap-Ring Removal – G800 Series

Adjustment, Installation Procedures

Caution! The riser assembly is under spring tension. Eye protection should be worn and safe-handling procedures followed when servicing this product.

Tools Needed (varies with riser model)

• T-Handle Tool – PN 053191

• Hunter Wrench – PN 461720

• Snap-ring Tool – PN 052510

• Needle-Nose Pliers

• Flat Blade Screwdriver

• Phillips Screwdriver


Hold Snap-ring Tool vertical over the rotor’s upper snap ring. Align the metal end of the snap-ring tool to the indicator on the snap-ring’s rubberized wiper seal (fig 1). Use the palm of the other hand to drive the tool downward & through the rubberized membrane. Tool should penetrate about 1.3 cm into the snap-ring assembly (fig 2). While holding the tool within the snap-ring, press the tool’s handle downward and away from the center of the rotor. As the tool is pressed downward, the snap-ring will lift from the rotor (fig 3). While using the tool to hold the snap-ring in this elevated position, use the other hand to pull the snap-ring from the rotor. If the snap-ring’s rubberized wiper seal appears to be the only part that is lifting, the tool has not penetrated into the snap-ring far enough.

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                                                        fig 1                                                                   fig 2                                                                       fig 3

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