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Hunter's MP Rotator Product Guide7:22

Hunter's MP Rotator Product Guide

Save water, save money with Hunter's MP Rotator. The revolutionary MP Rotator features a unique, multi-trajectory...Tags: MP Rotator, Product Guide, Full-Length205,198 viewsPublished: June 28, 2010Product Guide
Hunter Rotors: PGP, PGP-Ultra and I-203:04

Hunter Rotors: PGP, PGP-Ultra and I-20

Hunter Industries was built around the innovation of the PGP rotor. This video is an overview of Hunter residential and light...Tags: Rotors, PGP-ADJ, Product Guide, Full-Length122,830 viewsPublished: February 17, 2012Product Guide
Pro-Spray Product Guide4:12

Pro-Spray Product Guide

The Pro-Spray Product Guide shows you everything you need to know about the Hunter Pro-Spray. We show you an overview of the...Tags: Spray Bodies, Pro-Spray®, Product Guide, Full-Length68,136 viewsPublished: January 4, 2013Product Guide
Solar Sync: Smart Irrigation Control Made Simple4:45

Solar Sync: Smart Irrigation Control Made Simple

The Hunter Solar Sync is a weather-based sensor that adjusts irrigation schedules based on daily weather conditions. Solar...Tags: Sensors, Solar Sync™, Product Guide, Full-Length19,002 viewsPublished: June 30, 2011Product Guide
Hunter Irrigation Valves Product Guide7:16

Hunter Irrigation Valves Product Guide

The Hunter family of irrigation valves offers durable, reliable performance and is engineered to stand the test of time, no...Tags: Valves, PGV, Product Guide, Full-Length13,322 viewsPublished: September 14, 2012Product Guide
Accu-Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation, Adjustment and Overview4:10

Accu-Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation, Adjustment and Overview

Accu-Sync Installation, Adjustment and Overview, Hunter Technical Support. Accu-Sync is attached to a Hunter valve for...Tags: Valves, Accu-Sync®, Product Guide, Full-Length10,883 viewsPublished: March 8, 2011Product Guide
Hunter Dual Two-Wire Decoder System5:55

Hunter Dual Two-Wire Decoder System

Hunter Industries brings you DUAL, a two-wire decoder system to be used with the already popular I-Core controller at a...Tags: Controllers, DUAL for I-Core, Product Guide, Full-Length6,634 viewsPublished: November 30, 2011Product Guide
MP800SR Product Guide2:23

MP800SR Product Guide

Hunter introduces the MP Rotator SR line. SR stands for short radius. Hunter's MP Rotators have revolutionized overhead...Tags: MP Rotator, MP Rotator® SR Series, Product Guide, Full-Length5,812 viewsPublished: April 7, 2014Product Guide
TTS Rotors - Servicing (part 2)9:44Series
2 of 2

TTS Rotors - Servicing (part 2)

This video is part 2 of a two part video series introducing TTS (Total Top Service) golf rotors. Part 1 details the concepts...Tags: Golf Rotor, G990, Product Guide, Full-Length3,907 viewsPublished: March 12, 2010Product Guide
Hunter Smart Controllers WaterSense2:04

Hunter Smart Controllers WaterSense

Hunter Offers the Most Complete Line of WaterSense Labeled Controllers. All of Hunter's AC powered controllers now carry...Tags: Controllers, X-Core, Product Guide, Full-Length3,024 viewsPublished: October 4, 2013Product Guide
Soil-Clik: Product Guide2:34

Soil-Clik: Product Guide

Hunter Industries' Soil-Clik senses moisture in the soil at the root level to ensure proper water application. This...Tags: Sensors, Soil-Clik™, Product Guide, Full-Length2,021 viewsPublished: May 23, 2014Product Guide
Hunter Emitters Product Guide3:11

Hunter Emitters Product Guide

Hunter emitters apply water slowly and directly at the plant to ensure every drop is put to efficient use. They are available...Tags: Micro Irrigation, Point Source Drip Emitters, Product Guide, Full-Length1,849 viewsPublished: January 7, 2014Product Guide