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X-Core Solar Sync Sensor Water Adjustment

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The Water Adjustment is a 1 to 10 scale that allows for easy adjustment of the Seasonal Adjust value from the Solar Sync ET Sensor. Upon installation of the Solar Sync ET Sensor, it is recommended that the Water Adjustment setting stay at the default value of 5. However, after installation, if you find that the seasonal adjust value is lower or higher than expected, the Water Adjustment value can be modified to modify the Seasonal Adjust output value. See Calibration/Setup on page 15 for explanation of how to use Water Adjustment scale to fine tune seasonal adjust output value.

NOTE: If an individual zone is “wetter” or “drier” than the rest of the system, simply increase or decrease the amount of run time on the controller.

For accurate Solar Sync measurements, the controller needs to be programmed for the average peak season ET for your region. Use the table below to determine your region.

The table will assist you in identifying the type of region you live in. There are four basic ET regions, each with descriptions of the region, along with typical ET and temperature characteristics. It is recommended that, if possible, the region be chosen based upon average July ET or peak summer ET (inches/mm per day).

Use the following table for choosing your region (reference below). You can use methods A, B or C to help you choose which region is best for your area:

  • A - Based upon the ET of your region using the average July ET or peak summer ET (inches/mm per day). This is the preferred option when selecting your region.
  • B - Based upon the temperature for your region using the average July or the driest month high temperature (not the highest temperature for July).
  • C - Based upon the general description of your region.

If any of the choices in the rows apply to your situation, then that is your region setting choice.

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