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X-Core, XC, Pro-C, I-Core®, ICC, ACCAdjustment, Installation Procedures, TroubleshootingHow can I obtain an owner's manual for my Hunter controller?
X-Core, XC, Pro-C, ICCAdjustment, FAQsHow do I get out of the Interval Watering mode on my Hunter controller?
XC Hybrid, X-CoreAdjustment, FAQs, Installation ProceduresHow do I program Interval Days on my Hunter X-Core controller?
X-Core, XCFAQs, Installation ProceduresHow do I program or remove a delay between stations on my XC or X-Core controller?
X-Core, Pro-C, ICC, PCCAdjustment, FAQs, Troubleshooting, VideoHow do I remove the delay from my Hunter controller?
X-Core, Pro-C, ICC, I-CoreFAQs, TroubleshootingHow do I turn off a station at the controller?
X-Core, XC, EC, I-CoreFAQsHow long should the non-volatile memory last on my Hunter controller?
X-Core, XC, XC Hybrid, Pro-C, PCC, ICC, EC, Roam, SRC / SRC Plus, Roam XLFAQs, TroubleshootingIs there a list of error codes for Hunter controllers?
SRC / SRC Plus, X-CoreFAQs, TroubleshootingMy Hunter SRC controller reverts back to the current time when I try to run a station, what is wrong with my controller?
Pump Start Relay, XC, PCC, ACC, ICC, I-Core, X-CoreCharts, Educational, FAQs, Installation Details, Installation Procedures, Replacement Guides, TroubleshootingPump start relay chattering