Pilot Central Control System

Pilot Central Control System

The Pilot Central Control System was designed to enhance serviceability and reliability. From sophisticated troubleshooting tools built into every component, to a clean design with no exposed electronics, no detail was overlooked. To suit any course, the Pilot system is available in both standard and decoder configurations. The new equipment can be used stand-alone, or networked into a whole system with Pilot central control software.

Explore the Pilot Central Control System. Choose your System.

  • Conventional

  • Decoder

Why Should I Choose the Pilot Central Control System

  • Total Control

    Start controlling your system before the central control is even installed using the TRNR remote or UHF radio, or program directly from the field controller.

  • Reduced Labor. Reduced Cost.

    Pilot’s decoder option saves time and money by decreasing material and labor needs.

  • Simple Service

    A Phillips screwdriver is all you need to perform service and maintenance.

What Makes the Pilot Central Control System

    Central Control Software

    Safely balance sprinkler demand with water and electrical supply for the most efficient irrigation cycles possible. Create stations from the central, edit them at the controller, then update the central with the new settings for easy setup.

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    Field Interface

    Required with any central control system, the Pilot Field Interface is used to link the central computer to the field equipment. While it may be a major point of connectivity, its sleek design and extreme reliability keep it out of sight and mind.

    Field Controller

    Get everything you need in a stand-alone field controller while managing up to 80 stations. For a fully automated, flow-optimized system, network controllers together with Pilot-CC central control software.

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    Decoder Hub

    Pilot-DH decoder hubs can manage up to 999 stations and can run up to 120 stations simultaneously. It can be used as in-field control, a stand-alone decoder controller or linked to a Pilot-CC central control for optimized irrigation management..

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