Pump Start Relay - Mounting the Relay

NOTE: Connecting the Pump Start Relay should only be done by a licensed electrician following local codes. Improper installation could result in shock or fire hazard.
1) Find a suitable location to mount the Pump Start Relay. It is recommended that the relay be mounted at least 15 ft. (4.5 m) from the sprinkler controller.
2) Open the door and remove the four screws and cover plate. Use the hole at the top of the cabinet as a reference and screw on screw (A) into the wall.
NOTE: Install screw anchors if attaching to drywall or masonry wall.
3) Align the Pump Start Relay with the screw and slide the keyhole (B) on the back of the cabinet over the screw. Mark the spot for screw holes (C) along the bottom of the cabinet. Install screw anchors, if necessary, and secure the cabinet in place by
installing screws in the lower holes.

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