Pro HC - Flow Meter Winterization

We recommend that a qualified licensed contractor perform this type of winterization method. The blowout method utilizes an air compressor with a cubic foot per minute (CFM) rating of 80-100 for any mainline of 2" or less. The compressor is attached to the mainline via a quick coupler, hose bib, or other type connection, which is located beyond the backflow device. Compressed air should not be blown through any backflow or flow meter device. For additional winterization procedures, we highly recommend contacting the local dealer for the most common local practices. In the event you need to blow upstream from where the flow meter is located, we recommend bypassing the meter by temporarily installing a SCH 80 or galvanized nipple. See the size chart below, followed by step-by-step instructions:

Model Description

Male-Thread NPT

Nipple Length
HC-075-FLOW Flow Meter w/ ¾ NPT threads 1" NPT 5"
HC-100-FLOW Flow Meter w/ 1" NPT threads 1 ¼"NPT 5"


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Unscrew the union nuts by turning counterclockwise to remove meter.


With the nuts fully loosened, the HC meter can now be removed and temporarily replaced with the SCH80/galvanized nipple.


Thread the union nuts back by turning clockwise so they are snug in place. The system is now ready to perform the blowout procedure with no risk of damage to the meter.


When the blowout procedure is complete, you can repeat the steps in reverse order to reinstall the meter for next season.


In the application, you can now suspend your system until next season. First, CLICK on the gear above the zones. Then, CLICK "Suspend all zones." 


Select the date range for which you would like the controller to be suspended. Use the arrow in the gray drop-down box to select a day and month. Once the date is selected, CLICK suspend.


Your zones should all appear faded and you will get the following message: “All zones suspended for XX months.” This message will disappear after a few minutes.


If you wish to restart your system before the due date, CLICK the single gear above your zones, and CLICK “Suspend all zones.” Then, CLICK “Remove suspension” in RED. The suspension will be removed and the system will be ready for watering.

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