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Landscape Application:
10 Ha Landscaping, 1 Ha Turf
Temperature Range:
2.9-30.2 C (37.2-86.4 F)
0-221 m (0-725 ft)
Coastal City Switches to Hunter Products For Greater Water Savings

The small coastal city of Bandol with a year-round population of roughly 10,000 is a popular summer tourist destination for all of France.

The Challenge

Superintendent Alain Virgiglio needed to save water while managing the turf and landscaping irrigation requirements during the quickly-changing coastal weather conditions in the summer. He also wanted to be able to respond rapidly to any leaks in the system. For 20 years, the city had been using a competitor’s products and Virgiglio was searching for a more efficient irrigation solution.

The Solution

After evaluating his budget and the product features he needed, Virgiglio researched the available irrigation options. He chose to install Hunter's IMMS central control software and ACC controllers along with a Hunter ET sensor, which allowed him to have an irrigation system tuned to Bandol's unique coastal microclimate. With the addition of Flow-Sync™, he could also incorporate an economical way to monitor any changes in water flow. For optimal coverage in the landscaping and turf, he selected Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles and durable I-20 rotors.

The Result

After three years of using IMMS-ET and ACC controllers, the city of Bandol has been able to realize huge water savings and rapid intervention when problems arise, thanks to the system’s software alarm feature.