Type Central Control Software
Platform Windows
Controllers Up to 10,000
Year Discontinued 2022
Product Line
Discontinued Models


User installed options

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Operating Specifications

  • Operates in most modern browsers (Internet Explorer® is no longer supported and may not display all screens correctly)
  • Secure internet connection for web-hosted application

User-Installed Options 

  • Solar Sync smart weather sensors, one per controller
  • Flow sensor including Flow-Sync, WFS, and other approved equals

Communication Options 

  • Cellular (LTE or 3G, where applicable)
  • Ethernet with RJ-45 connection
  • Shared connections via UHF radio or hardwire cable
    • Hardwire, 20 mA via GCBL cable


IMMS Software was discontinued in 2022. The next-generation Centralus Irrigation Management Platform and ACC2 Controller are recommended as a replacement for IMMS Software.

Key Benefits

Browser-based programming and communication software
Cloud access or user-hosted enterprise versions available
Graphical user interface with customisable, map-based navigation
Flow monitoring and reporting
Alarm reporting and detailed irrigation history reports
Automatic SMS text notification of alarms to your mobile device
Mobile view allows instant status updates and fast command functions
Cell, Ethernet, UHF radio, and hardwire cable connectivity options
APIs available for custom integration into management systems
Built-in Solar Sync™logic for smart water savings
User administration with multiple levels of access

Advanced Features

The IMMS graphics update includes the ability to create one or more map views for control purposes. You can see where all of your irrigated locations are, and click any for a more detailed view or control purposes.

Ideal for orienting new employees, IMMS Graphics also simplifies life for busy irrigators with large numbers of assets to control. Use any background image to show the system, site, or controller area, and create control zones and station symbols that link to their command functions. You supply the pictures, and IMMS includes all the tools you need to create an interactive map-based system. IMMS can also import CAD linework for truly intelligent custom maps.

Each controller has its own complete setup and operations screens with tools to quickly and easily get the results you want. Eliminate the confusion and hassle of multiple field personnel setting up irrigation with dials and buttons. Shut off irrigation with a mouse click for emergencies. Access every function of controllers from simple spreadsheets or choosing from a menu of common functions and commands. 

Save water the quick and inexpensive way by adding Solar Sync to your controllers. IMMS will report and log all Solar Sync adjustments and alarms, and provides graphical histories of weather adjustments.

Take the guesswork out of irrigation amounts and daily adjustments for weather conditions. The optional IMMS-ET software add-on uses cost-effective local sensors, combined with your station database (for plant types, soil, precipitation rate, and more) to create water-saving irrigation programs for your whole system, every day.

IMMS-ET models the moisture level in soil reservoirs (including compensation for natural rainfall) and schedules just enough irrigation to replace what your plants need. IMMS-ET can track climate history according to your own sensors and document how it has responded with irrigation adjustments. 

IMMS reports all alarms, including over-currents, flow violations, communication issues, and water window violations, with individual date- and time-stamped messages. The IMMS operator knows the state of all irrigation controllers and valves at a glance, without driving around town to check individual sites. Printable reports can be exported to other formats or handed to work crews for investigation.

Track your water usage, and spot plumbing problems a mile away (or several hundred miles away). IMMS is built around the powerful ACC controller platform, which includes real-time flow monitoring. With a flow meter and normally-closed master valves, the ACC detects incorrect flow conditions and moves swiftly to isolate the offending valves. Each flow violation is reported to the central software, after the controller has finished its own diagnostics. Leaks, breaks, and flooding are minimized, and the irrigation manager is the first to know of any issues.

IMMS also tracks total water usage by site, controller, program, and station. Keep detailed historical records, and go home each day with the peace of mind given by automatic flow monitoring.


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