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Landscape Application:
Planned Community
5 acres
Temperature Range:
36–90°F (2–32°C)
151 ft (46 m)
From Sandy Dune to Picturesque Park: Hunter Smart Irrigation Efficiently Manages Community’s Hefty Green Space Water Needs

East Garrison lies in picturesque Monterey County, nestled between the city of Marina and the Salinas River. The land where the master-planned community sits was once part of historic Fort Ord. 

East Garrison’s planners wanted to capture the cozy character of a traditional American small town. To that end, developers built homes with a distinctive architectural style. Planners also added several amenities to foster a feeling of community. These include a town center, an arts district, a public library, and neighborhood parks.

The Challenge

The largest park in East Garrison is Lincoln Park, a 5-acre gathering space with sports fields and barbecue areas. The landscape also includes grasses, roses, and lilacs.

Contractors faced several hurdles during the park’s planning phase. They needed to turn a sandy dune into a beautiful green space for sporting activities. Yet the sandy soil at the site presented a major challenge. They had to find the best way to install three acres of hydroseeded fescue. Hydroseeding is a water-intensive process that lasts for weeks. It provides a steady supply of water after seeding, so the grass can sprout.

The Solution

Planners chose a full Hunter smart irrigation system to handle the park’s large-scale watering needs. For ultimate water efficiency, they selected Hunter’s powerful ACC controller paired with a Solar Sync ET sensor.

Solar Sync provides maximum water savings by adjusting the controller’s programmed run times. The sensor calculates evapotranspiration (ET) by measuring on-site sunlight and temperature. Using this data, ACC adjusts the actual irrigation run time for that day.

The contractors also installed 80 heavy-duty I-40 rotors at the park. With stainless steel risers, this tough commercial rotor is an ideal choice for busy public spaces. Factory-installed drain check valves are also a key feature. They prevent dangerous puddling after watering.

This combination of proven Hunter products keeps residents safe and limits water waste.

The Result

These days the smart irrigation system continues to handle Lincoln Park's water needs. It saves water while promoting a healthy landscape. It also beautifully maintains the popular sports field, despite the dry, sandy soil that lies beneath it.

"The stainless steel rotors are still working perfectly in the solid sand field," said Mitch Chuck, owner of Perma-Green Hydroseeding. 

As a result, East Garrison residents now enjoy a beautiful gathering space throughout the year. The park is a shining example of sustainability and irrigation efficiency.