I-80 - Snap Ring Removal

Figure 10

Figure 11

All I-80 rotors include a removable snap ring on the body cap to facilitate easy riser assembly removal. To access the riser assembly using the snap ring, use the removal tool (984400SP).

  1. Insert the tool into the snap ring’s access point (Figure 10). Press downward, slightly twist the tool’s handle, and pull upward to remove the snap ring (Figure 11).
  2. Engage the pull-up socket in the riser’s logo cap using the Hunter wrench or T-handle tool PN 319100SP. Pull upward to remove the riser.
  3. To install the riser assembly, insert the riser into the body.
  4. Install the snap ring’s left side. 
  5. Press downward in a counterclockwise direction.

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