Remotes - Changing Address on ROAM XL

Your ROAM XL System is pre-addressed to work right out of the box. However, if you changed the Transmitter address as described in the section, Preparing the Transmitter For Use", you must allow the Receiver to learn the new address. This can be done by performing the simple steps on the next page.


Before setting the receiver address, make sure that the transmitter address is set to the address you would like to use.


Plug the receiver into a SmartPort® connected to a powered controller. When this is done, the receiver will beep 4 times.


Once the receiver beeps 4 times, you have approximately 7 seconds to send the new address to the receiver. Press either the GREEN or RED button on your transmitter to connect.


The receiver will beep 4 additional times indicating that it has learned the new transmitter address and will respond only to that address from this point on. If 8 seconds expire before the GREEN or RED button is pressed, the receiver will beep twice and retain its original address.

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