Residential Rotors - Controlling High Pressure

Pressure Regulated Body - Rotors

Using the PRB, the regulator in the body will take incoming pressures of 55-100 PSI and reduce them down to 45 PSI. This provides the optimum nozzle pressure to deliver the correct size droplets to the landscape for maximum water efficiency. Please contact your local distributor or factory sales representative for specific details, and ask them how you can experience the benefits of pressure-regulated rotors on your site.

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  • Available on PGP-04, PGP-00, I-20-00, I-20-04, I-20-04-SS, I-20-06 and I-20-06-SS Models
  • Regulated to 45 PSI
  • Ensures that the nozzle will operate at the correct pressure.
  • Increased efficiency in delivering water to the turf.
Pressure Regulated Valves

Many people use a pressure regulator on the entire system, but then there’s no flexibility for variation in each zone. Once it’s set, that’s what all of the zones receive. To address that, you can install a pressure regulator on each individual valve. That is a better, more effective solution, but it doesn’t allow for variations within that particular zone. Many zones have elevation changes or long runs in laterals that can affect the pressure for each head. For more information on using our Acccusync, click here.

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