ST-1700V Support

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Hunter’s synthetic turf rotors are designed to cool, clean, and flush synthetic sports fields. The ST-1700V long-range synthetic turf rotor offers high-performance irrigation from the field perimeter while integrating Valve-in-Head (VIH) capabilities and a Total-Top-Service (TTS) design to simplify installation and maintenance. With the same heavy-duty internal gear drive as the proven ST-1600HSB rotor, the ST-1700V provides years of reliable operation.

  • Valve-in-Head

    The Valve-in-Head design integrates the control valve, solenoid, and manual On-Off-Auto detector within the rotor’s heavy-duty, impact-resistant case to create a convenient and compact design appreciated by installers and end users.

  • Total-Top-Serviceability

    With Total-Top-Serviceability, every serviceable component can be accessed from the surface without cutting into the synthetic turf. The spacious flange compartment can accommodate fullsized waterproof splice connectors, and the compartment can hold a decoder for two-wire control system applications.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Heavy-duty internal gear drive and stainless steel pop-up riser provide years of reliable operation
    • Long-range performance flexibility up to 48 m with five nozzles choices
    • Full-circle and adjustable arc in one model from 40° to 360°
    • Adjustable speed of rotation using the adjustment knob to set the speed to your requirements
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