Spray Nozzle - Trajectory Chart

The trajectory and spray height of the water stream leaving a sprinkler nozzle is important information when designing and installing irrigation systems.  These spray nozzle trajectory charts are designed to help determine how close a sprinkler can be placed to an object such as a fence or hedge without obstructing the spray pattern. All information shown is at optimum operating pressures.


A = Degrees of trajectory

B = Max Height of Spray

C = Distance from head to Maximum Height

Spray Nozzle Trajectory Chart
4A 0 Degrees
4A 0 Degrees
6A 0 Degrees
8A 15 Degrees
10A 15 Degrees
12A 28 Degrees
15A 28 Degrees
17A 28 Degrees
LCS 515 18 Degrees
RCS 515 18 Degrees
ES 515 20 Degrees
CS 530 20 Degrees
SS 530 18 Degrees
SS 918 18 Degrees

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