Pro-C - Replacing Front Panel

The Pro-C controller is modular in design. This means that most controller components can be removed and replaced if needed. For the newer style Pro-C (blue panel and buttons), the part number for the front panel is 821501. The panel fo the older PC-300 is no longer available. 

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Open the front panel similar to how the controller's door opens. This should expose the battery compartment on the back of the front panel.


Power Off using the toggle switch (older models must switch to Unlocked). For PCC model controllers, unplug the transformer or shut the breaker off.


Locate the gray ribbon cable in the upper right corner on the back of the front panel. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the back of the front panel by carefully pulling the plastic cable connector off the back of the front panel.


Locate the Hinge Release switch below the ribbon cable connector on the back of the control panel. Push down on the white tab, the hinge pins will retract and allow the front panel to come free from the cabinet.


After the panel is removed, you can reverse this process to install the new face panel. Be sure to line up the hinge pins correctly for easy installation.

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