XC Hybrid - Solar Panel Installation and Specs

Solar power eliminates the need for batteries and provides maintenance-free operation by harnessing the sun's energy or ambient light to fully power the controller 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years on end. This "eco-innovations" alternative is more environmentally friendly and saves on battery costs. The solar charger cell is 9.0V 1800mAh and includes 40' (12 m) of UL-rated 18 AWG (1mm2). The distance from the solar panel to the controller can be extended to 200' (61 m) using the same wire type or better. After installation, allow the solar panel to charge the solar batteries before programming fully. This typically takes between 4-6 hours in direct sunlight. You can test if the controller has enough programming power by pressing the buttons until the LCD illuminates.

Below you will find installation details and instructions for the Solar Panel for XC Hybrid.


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