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Battery Life

From a battery life standpoint, the answer is not as easy as saying "the batteries will last for two years". The answer really depends upon the number of actuations that the controller operates over a given period of time. The chart below provides the maximum on/off actuations based upon the period of operation. If you want the batteries to last one year, the maximum number of on/off actuations is 7,300.

Controller Stations Actuations Per Day Battery Type Battery Life (Years)
XCH-600 6 6 6 AA 2 to 2.5 Years
XCH-1200 12 12 6 AA 1 Year
XCH-600-SS 6 6 6 C 4.5 to 5 Years
XCH-1200-SS 12 12 6 C 2 to 2.5 Years
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