HPC - Retrofit Your Pro-C Controller

Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi coverage can be easily tested using a smartphone. A signal strength of two or three bars is recommended. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be tested on the HPC itself (signal strength is shown when you select a wireless network).

NOTE: The HPC panel is only compatible with Pro-C controllers (PC-400) with a date code MAR 2014 or newer.  For PCC (conventional versions),  the compatible version can easily be identified by the blue buttons, not green.


  1. Do not plug the transformer into the power source until the controller is mounted and all wiring has been connected.
  2. Open the controller facepack to access the cabinet, detach the ribbon cable, release the hinge on the back of the Pro-C facepack, and remove the facepack.
  3. Press the hinges on the side of the HPC-FP facepack, insert the pins into the controller cabinet, reconnect the ribbon cable to the new facepack, and reconnect the power to the controller.





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