HPC - Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

When your controller is first powered on, it will run a short wizard to connect it to your wireless router.

If you’re not using the initial startup wizard, go to the Wireless Settings section to make changes. For support, please contact hunter.direct/hpchelp.

Using the wizard

  1. Select your wireless network from the list shown on the controller display and press the Confirm button on screen.

    Note: If your network is not listed, check if the unit is within wireless range.

  2. Enter your wireless password and press the OK button on keyboard.

    Make sure you press the OK button after you’ve entered your password. Pressing the Home or Back buttons will not save your changes.

When connecting to your wireless network, the Wi-Fi Icon 

at the bottom right of the controller screen will flash. Connecting takes about 30 seconds. When successfully connected, the Wi-Fi Icon 

will stop flashing and remain on.

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