MP Rotator - Rotating Stream Sprinklers and Rebates

Hunter's MP Rotator is the innovative streaming nozzle that has quickly become the irrigation industries favorite. Multi-trajectory water streams qualify the MP Rotator as a streaming nozzle. Here are a few of the MP's features:

  • Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide unmatched uniformity
  • Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment
  • Low application rate reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils

There are a few main reasons the MP Rotator qualifies as an efficient water saver in multiple water districts and/or states throughout the United States. Check with your water provider for potential rebates.

  • The obvious reason is the method used to apply water. Consistent multi-trajectory streams cut through harsh wind conditions helping eliminate water waste.
  • Another reason is the MP's application rate, the MP Rotator applies water at a 1/3 of the rate of a typical spray nozzle. By lowering the application rate and more closely matching typical soil intake rates, more of the water will be used for irrigation rather than waste.
  • MP Rotator's also significantly increase uniformity, delivering water with greater efficency than normal spray nozzles. An increase in uniformity means less water needs to be applied to create healthy landscapes.


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