Drain Check Valve Installation

 If your spray bodies are leaking water after the system (valve) is shut off, and the flow of water reduces over time, your heads are experiencing low head drainage. Low head drainage is where the lowest heads on the line weep the water in the pipe after that valve has shut down.



Unthread the body cap and remove the internal assembly from the sprinkler body. Turn the internal assembly upside down to access the opening in the bottom of the riser.


Insert the white plastic end of the Drain Check Valve assembly into the bottom of the riser. The small circular rubber portion of the Drain Check Valve assembly will remain outside the riser.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the check valve is snapped into place. The nozzle will not appear flush with the top of Prospray body if not installed correctly.


Replace the internal assembly and tighten it into the body.

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