ICR - Changing the Maximum Station Output Number

Your ICR Transmitter comes from the factory with the maximum number of stations set to 9. This means that when you use the UP or DOWN buttons to change the station, you may change it to any number between 1 and 9. However, if you have controllers with more than 9 stations, you will want to increase the stations' maximum number.

The ICR is designed to operate with two groups of Hunter controllers:

  • Residential Controllers: EC/XC/XCORE/SRC/PRO-C/ICC/CORE/HCC/HPC. The maximum number of stations from 1 to 48. The ICR also provides the user with the ability to operate programs (A, B, C).
  • Commercial Controllers: ACC/ACC99D/A2C075/A2C-1200. Selecting the maximum station number 240 allows the user to operate up to 240 stations and 18 programs (programs are displayed with a P and program number ex: P5).

To change the Maximum Number of Stations:


If the unit is OFF (no display), power the Transmitter up by pressing any of the buttons for at least 1 second then releasing the button. The Transmitter will illuminate the active station.


Press the MODE button until the word MAX STATION appears on the display. The maximum number of stations will be blinking at this point.


Use the UP or DOWN button to increase or decrease the maximum number of stations. Then do not touch any of the buttons for 5 seconds and the display will stop blinking and return back to the active station.

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