Remotes - Changing Address on ROAM Remote

Both the ROAM Transmitter and Receiver have an “address” that they use when communicating. If the addresses do not match, the receiver will ignore the transmission. Your ROAM comes from the factory with both the Transmitter and the Receiver address set to 1. You may change the address to any value from 0 through 127 for added security. 


Remove the Receiver from the smartport.


If the unit is off (no display), power the Transmitter up by pressing and holding the Mode (circle) button for 5 seconds. The Transmitter will display the active station.


Press the Mode button until the Address Key icon is displayed.


Use the Up and Down buttons to change the address to any value between 0 and 127. Do not touch any of the buttons for 10 seconds and the display will return back to the active station.


Plug the Receiver back into the Smartport. There will be four beeps that sound.


Press the Green button once to receive four more beeps. The pair has now learned the new address and is ready to use with the controller.

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