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Installing the Pro-HC Controller

Start by choosing a location with good Wi-Fi coverage. Wi-Fi coverage can be easily tested using a smartphone. A signal strength of 2 or 3 bars is recommended. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be tested on the Pro-HC itself (signal strength is shown when you select a wireless network).


Mounting the controller to a wall

All necessary hardware is included for most installations.

Use the hole at the top of the controller as a reference and secure a 1" (25 mm) screw into the wall. Note: Install screw anchors when attaching the controller to drywall or masonry wall.

Align controller with the screw and slide the keyhole on top of the controller over the screw.

Secure controller in place by installing screws in the other mounting holes.

For Pro-HC601-A, Pro-HC1201-A and Pro-HC2401-A: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or service agent or a similarly quialified person to avoid hazard.

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