Valves - Servicing Tools

A full range of convenient service tools for irrigation valves that save time and make jobs easier.

MultimeterUsed for measuring voltage from the controller to the irrigation valve and resistance (ohms) on the solenoid.
5/16" Socket (PGV)Used to remove the bonnet (top part) on the PGV Hunter model valve (recommended option).
3/8" Socket (ICV)Used to remove the bonnet (top part) on the ICV Hunter model valve (recommended option).
Phillips ScrewdriverUsed to remove the bonnet (top part) on any Hunter valve (second option).
Water Proof ConnectorsUsed for splices between solenoid wire and valve control wire. Learn More
Wire StrippersUsed to strip wire to connect station wire to solenoid wire.
Hand PumpUsed to remove residual water from valve boxes when installing or replacing valves (PN - 460302).




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