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X2 Irrigation Controller: Connecting to Wi-Fi
Connect your X2 controller to the internet using the WAND Wi-Fi module. 0:40 - WAND OVERVIEW AND BENEFITS. 1:10 - CHECKING YOUR WI-FI SIGNAL. 1:55 -
Dos And Don’ts of 2-Wire Design
Dos And Don’ts of 2-Wire Design. A training Webinar video. 3:30 - Agenda 4:23 - System Overview: Conventional Vs. Two-wire 16:13 - Choosing your control
Wi-Fi Fundamentals: What you need to look like a Pro
Wi-Fi Fundamentals: What you need to know to look like a Pro. A Training Webinar video. 1:22 - Introduction 6:26 - Overview of Presentation 8:49 - The
What, Why, When, and How is Hydrawise Important to your Business
Insights From the Field: What, Why, When, and How is Hydrawise Important to your Business 1:10 - Why Hydrawise and Connected Devices? 4:56 - What is
Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting
0:40 - Overview 1:24 - Conventional Control Systems vs. Two-Wire 3:22 - Planning Your Wire Paths 5:31 - Grounding 19:30 - Two-Wire Controllers 25:22 -
Basic Electrical Troubleshooting
0:29 - Introduction 1:01 - Types of Circuits 1:22 - Open Circuit 1:48 - Closed Circuit 2:05 - Shorted Circuit 2:24 - Series Circuit 2:58 - Parallel
X2 Standalone Control vs WI-FI to Hydrawise with the WAND module
In this video, you will learn how X2 works as a standalone controller without Wi-Fi. You will also learn how the WAND Wi-Fi module gives X2 new
PR-075 Pressure Regulator for ¾" Inlet Rotors
IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch) 0:13 - Benefits of pressure regulation 1:00 - Benefits of an under the sprinkler pressure regulator 1:36 - Existing rotor
X2 Irrigation Controller, Setting Up Hide Programs
In this short video, you will learn how to hide programs on your X2 controller. The X2 is factory configured with 3 independent programs (A, B, C with
X2 Irrigation Controller, Programming at the Facepack
This video provides an overview of basic offline programming with your X2 controller. In addition to reviewing terminology and explaining programs, we
X2 Irrigation Controller Manual Operation
In this video, we will show you how to manually start irrigation on your X2 controller. We will cover the manual run, manual program, and test all
X2 Irrigation Controller: Adding a Rain Sensor
In this video, you will learn how to add a rain sensor to your X2 controller. You can add a rain sensor such as a Hunter Mini-Clik or Rain-Clik to your
X2 Irrigation Controller Advanced Offline Program Features Overview
The X2 irrigation controller has many advanced features making it a very robust controller for many irrigation needs. This video provides an overview of
X2 WI-Fi-Enabled Irrigation Controller with Hydrawise
With the next-generation X2 controller from Hunter Industries, you don’t have to choose between Wi-Fi and dial-based management. X2 lets you keep your
TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors
In this Counter Buzz, learn all about the Hunter TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors. IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch) 0:41- New features and benefits of the TTS
NODE-BT Bluetooth® enabled, wireless valve controller Product Guide
A reliable, waterproof, battery-operated controller with soil moisture sensing capabilities that can be programmed from a smartphone is the landscape
Rev It Up! 2020 Promotion
Hunter Industries and FX Luminaire customers will want to hear all about the 2020 "Rev It Up" promotion. IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch) 0:25 - What to
Centralus™ Wi-Fi Module features and benefits
Wi-Fi modules are now available for ACC2 controllers! We talk with the product manager about how easy it is to add wi-fi to your ACC2 controller using a
HC Wi-Fi Controller with Hydrawise Software Product Guide
At Hunter Industries, we believe the future of the irrigation industry includes smart connected controllers offering flexibility, new features and ease
Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award
Social Responsibility has always been a core value at Hunter Industries. However, we know we cannot achieve our goals alone. That’s why we created the
Solar and Battery-Operated Controllers: No Power, No Problem.
When you need to irrigate in places where traditional power is not available, the NODE and XC-Hybrid battery-operated controllers with solar ability are
Commercial Water Management: Municipalities See Huge Benefits with Hydrawise™
We're speaking with the product manager of Hydrawise about how municipalities are switching to Hydrawise and seeing huge benefits. Hydrawise is leading
SITEREC and My List: Free Online Tools for Your Business
Irrigation and Lighting professionals will want to hear all about these great, free online tools developed by Hunter to help you grow your business. In
Hunter Golf: Investing Millions to Make the Best Rotor Possible
Hunter Industries is committed to the Golf Industry and we have invested millions into creating the best rotor possible.