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Hunter HPC-FP | HPC retro-fit panel for Pro-C controllers
The revolutionary HPC face panel brings the Pro-C controller that you know and trust into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation management — with no re
Spray Nozzle Challenge
Join Hunter as we conduct a blind spray nozzle challenge. Contractors are interviewed before and after taking the challenge and share their results with
Balboa Park Sprinkler Retrofit Site Study: Sprays to MP Rotators
In this Site Study video, Hunter Industries Specification Manager Chris Roesink introduces us to beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, CA and explains the
Pro-C Solar Sync: 03, Delay
Pro-C Solar Sync: 02, Setup
Pro-C Solar Sync: 01, Installation
Pro-C Advanced: 09, Creating Lighting Programs
Pro-C Advanced: 04, Program Customization
Pro-C Advanced: 05, Programmable Rain Off
Pro-C Advanced: 06, Quick Check
Pro-C Advanced: 07, Easy Retrieve
Pro-C Advanced: 08, Resetting Memory
Pro-C Advanced: 01, Programmable Sensor Override
Pro-C Advanced: 02, Delay Between Stations
Pro-C Advanced: 03, Cycle Soak
Pro-C Basic: 09, Manual Operation
Pro-C Basic: 01, Setting Date and Time
Pro-C Basic: 02, Setting Start Time
Pro-C Basic: 03, Run Time
Pro-C Basic: 04, Pro C Water Days
Pro-C Basic: 05, Interval Watering
Pro-C Basic: 06, Odd Even Days
Pro-C Basic: 07, Pump Operation
Pro-C Basic: 08, Seasonal Adjustment