Surveyor 2

Quick Specs

Application: Golf
Number of Stations: Up to 102,897
Controllers: Up to 999
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A golf maintenance professional’s dream system

Surveyor is easy to use and has all the features you need to reliably and automatically water your course. Irrigation scheduling is simple.  Runtimes can be adjusted manually or determined automatically using an ET sensor. Surveyor offers two types of water management—flow-optimized and FCP or field controller program. When flow optimized, electrical and hydraulic demand are efficiently managed to ensure your watering window is as short as possible. When you use an FCP you have total control over when, where and for how long sprinklers run—perfect for overseeding, seed germination, grow-in and other cultural practices where optimal use of the pump station is a secondary concern. The Task Scheduler automates daily tasks to simplify irrigation management even more.

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