Quick Specs

Application: Synthetic Sports Turf Fields
Radius: 32.5 to 50.3 m
Rotors: ST1600B & ST1600BR
Flow: 21.8 to 74.2 m3/hr
Flow: 364 to 1,237 l/min
Inlet Size: 2" BSP
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A Unique Package of Irrigation Products Designed To Cool and Clean Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

Simple to specify, contractor-friendly to install, and easy to service and maintain for the end-user, the Hunter ST System is the first and only cost-effective, fully integrated solution designed to exceed the unique and specific needs of the synthetic turf irrigation market.

The Hunter ST System features gear-driven long-range rotors based on Hunter's legendary rotor technology coupled with a special multi-axis swing joint, low-pressure loss valves and a robust feature-packed vault. Combined, they provide the ultimate in installation flexibility and long-term total access to all irrigation components, including the swing joint point of connection. Such complete access is an absolute must when the surrounding synthetic surface is not easily excavated and restored to original condition without huge expense and specialized equipment and procedures.

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