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Node - Sensor Bypass

Installation Procedures

All advanced programming functions are initiated from the Idle Mode, which shows the time, day of the week, and battery life indicator on the display. If something is flashing on the display then the controller is in one of the programming modes. After a short period of inactivity the controller will return to Idle Mode.

  1. From the Idle Mode, press and hold the left arrow (<) button until the  icon is displayed.
  2. The display will show the umbrella icon flashing and On.

  3. Press the minus (-) button to bypass the sensor. The display will show and Off indicating the weather sensor is bypassed. The icon will show on the display during normal operation, indicating the controller is in bypass mode.

  4. To reactivate the weather sensor press and hold the left arrow (<) button until the icon is displayed. Press the plus (+) button to return to normal sensor mode.
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