Regulating Water Pressure Is Crucial Now More Than Ever

Wednesday, 24 August, 2011

Creating an efficient sprinkler system includes several key elements. One very important element is ensuring that water pressure is properly regulated throughout an irrigation system. With proper regulation, an installer is ensuring that water is efficiently applied. With the correct amount of water, optimal vegetation health is achieved, and no water is being wasted in the process. With water regulations becoming more common and stringent around the world, optimizing water pressure in an irrigation system is more important now more than ever.

If pressure is too high, water efficiency can drastically decrease, as sprinklers will mist water into the air that either evaporates or drifts away from the area needing irrigation. High pressure can also take a toll on the components of a system, and shorten the life of the products in use. If pressure is low, water distribution can be compromised and leave landscaped areas dry and unhealthy. In order to properly gauge a system’s water pressure, it is important to have a good understanding of system hydraulics, backflow preventers, valves, pipes, and components.

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