Hunter Copper Dripline (HDL-COP) provides triple protection for subsurface dripline applications with a slow-draining check valve, superior grit tolerance, and copper oxide-infused emitters for root growth prevention. Copper oxide has been proven to inhibit root growth and prevent root intrusion in the emitter. The slow-draining check valve directs roots away from the emitters and hinders rodent damage. Emitters built with multiple inlet filters and full-sized outlet pools maximize grit tolerance while creating a root and debris barrier. Engineered to perform and built to last, Hunter Copper Dripline provides a long-lasting, top-performing supplemental solution for all your subsurface irrigation needs.

Root Intrusion

With three powerful lines of defense against root intrusion, Hunter Copper Dripline offers unmatched
performance and reliability for subsurface irrigation applications.

  • Copper oxide-infused emitters inhibit root growth
  • Slow-draining check valve directs roots away from the emitter and inhibits rodent damage
  • Multiple inlet filters and full-sized outlet pool maximize grit tolerance
Soil Preparation
  • Subsurface irrigation relies on capillary action in the soil to distribute water evenly throughout the area. Compact the soil to ensure capillary action while providing a healthy environment for plant development.
  • Remove sharp objects and debris from the soil to promote capillary action and prevent damage to the dripline.
Installation Depth

Hunter Copper Dripline may be installed 2" to 12" (5 cm to 30 cm) below the soil surface for direct irrigation of the root zone. Subsurface irrigation maximizes application efficiency and reduced water loss from evaporation and runoff.

Landscape Aeration

Some landscapes require aeration or soil management. Install the dripline below aeration depths to prevent
damage and leaks.

Irrigation Scheduling

Subsurface irrigation performs best with frequent application days and short run times. The goal is to keep the soil around the dripline hydrated while preventing oversaturation, which can result in water loss and poor-performing plant material.

Temporary Irrigation

Temporary irrigation may be required during grow-in periods to promote root growth to the depth of Hunter Copper Dripline. During the grow-in period, consider irrigating with both Hunter Copper Dripline and a temporary irrigation solution, such as the MP Rotator™ Nozzle and MP Rotator Stake Kit.

Irrigation Washdown

Overhead irrigation systems clean plant material to remove dust and debris, which promotes healthy growth. Consider installing an irrigation washdown system with MP Rotator Nozzles or Pro-Spray™ PRS40 Sprinkler Bodies to complement a Hunter Copper Dripline subsurface irrigation system.


Install Hunter Copper Dripline with PLD-LOC Fittings for superior dripline connection and quicker installation time. Installers should test all connections to ensure functionality prior to backfilling and burying the dripline.

Air/Vacuum Relief Valve: Subsurface irrigation systems require air/vacuum relief valves to prevent tubing collapse and water hammer damage. Install a Hunter AVR-075 Relief Valve in a Hunter Multi-Purpose Box at the highest points of a Hunter Copper Dripline subsurface system to ensure long-lasting performance.

Flush Valve: Flush valves allow for the flushing of debris in the dripline tubing through regular maintenance practices. Install a Hunter PLD-BV Manual Flush Valve in a Hunter Multi-Purpose Box at the lowest points and ends of a Hunter Copper Dripline subsurface irrigation system to ensure optimal performance.

Eco-Indicator: Use the Hunter Eco-Indicator to confirm proper system operation and adequate pressure. The highly visible 6" or 12" (15 cm or 30 cm) yellow riser pops up with at least 12 PSI (0.8 bar; 83 kPa), signifying ample pressure performance for the system. Install Eco-Indicators at the beginning and end of a subsurface irrigation system to gauge system operation and performance.

Hunter Eco-Wrap™ and Eco-Mat™ Systems

For advanced root intrusion protection and water delivery efficiency, try the Eco-Wrap System with a fleece wrapped dripline. Take your system’s performance even further with the Eco-Mat System, which combines fleece-wrapped dripline with an innovative capillary mat for unparalleled efficiency and maximum protection against root intrusion. Together with Hunter Copper Dripline, this feature-packed trio conquers the most prominent challenges of today’s subsurface irrigation applications.

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