How would you calculate application rates using drip line?


Drip line precipitation rate formula:

231 X GPH


(spacing X distance)


Metric Formula:

60 X l/min


(spacing X distance)


  1. 231 is going to be the conversion number or constant.
  2. The GPH depends on the size of the built in emitter, Hunter manufactures .4, .6 or 1.0 GPH (1.35, 2.35, 3.75 l/hr) emitters in PLD.
  3. Spacing is the emitter spacing, Hunter manufactures 12, 18 and 24 inch (30, 45, 60cm) emitter spacing.
  4. Distance, is the sideways measurement between the lines of drip installed.

You can also find a chart in the catalog on page 117 that has the application rates calculated for different combinations.


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