Mini-Clik - Mounting Instructions

Helpful hints for mounting:

  • When looking for a suitable location such as on the side of a building or post, the closer the Mini-Clik is to the controller, the shorter the wire run will be. This will also minimize the chance for wire breaks.
  • The ideal location for mounting is not always the most practical location. In the case where a compromise must exist (such as low location on a side wall rather than the preferred high location), note that the Mini-Clik will still work as it will always receive some rainfall – it just will not be as accurate in its gauging as it could be.
  • As described in the “Operation” section of this manual, “reset rate” refers to the amount of time it takes the Mini-Clik to dry out sufficiently for the sprinkler system to be allowed to come back on. The mounting location will affect this rate and should be taken into consideration should extreme conditions exist.

For example, mounting the Mini-Clik on a very sunny, southern end of a building may cause the Mini-Clik to dry out sooner than desired. Similarly, mounting on the northern end of a building with constant shade may keep the Mini-Clik from drying soon enough.

Once the Mini-Clik is mounted, run the wire to the controller, and fasten it every few feet with wire clips or stapled for best results. If an extension to the wire provided is needed, use the following table to determine the minimum wire gauge needed:



Standard Model: Using the screws provided, mount the Mini-Clik on any surface where it will be exposed to unobstructed rainfall, but not in the path of sprinkler spray. The switch-housing portion must be upright (as pictured), but the swivel bracket can be moved for mounting on any angled surface. Loosen the locknut and screw before swiveling bracket, and then re-tighten.

For the Conduit Model Mini-Clik-C: The conduit acts as the mounting support for the unit. Therefore, place and mount the conduit to allow for the desired sensor location as described in the main instructions for the standard model. Be sure to support the conduit sufficiently along its various lengths.

For the High-Voltage Model Mini-Clik-HV: The mounting of this unit is primarily made by screwing the fitting end into the threaded holes of covers to rectangular junction boxes (for outdoor use) or the covers of round junction boxes commonly used for outdoor spotlights. Locate the junction box so that with the Mini-Clik attached, unobstructed rainfall will hit the outermost sensing end of the unit. If a longer reach is needed, the “Carlon” flexible conduit piece can be substituted with a slightly longer piece (up to 8" length with no support or up to 11" with support).

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