Switching the ROAM-XL transmitter between Residential and Commercial Modes

Turn the Roam XL unit on by pressing any button.

The mode that should be set based on the controller model.

  • XCORE model - RES Mode
  • PRO-C/HPC model - RES Mode
  • ICC2/HCC/ICORE/ICC model - RES Mode
  • ACC-1200/A2C-1200 models - RES Mode
  • ACC99D/A2C-075 models - COM Mode (Decoder Mode)
  • SRC/SRCPLUS model (Discontinued) - RES Mode

Step 1

Press and hold the Mode button (top button with circle) until the key icon is displayed.

Step 2

Press the right arrow button once. The rE (Residential Mode) or Co (Commercial Mode) will be displayed.

Step 3

Use the Up arrow button to change between Residential and Commercial Modes.

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