TTS-800 Golf Rotors - Replacement Parts

Ref Part Number Description
1 954400SP Lid Assembly, Switch
  954401SP  Lid Assembly, COM
  915700SP Yardage Marker, Black
  915701SP Yardage Marker, Red
  915702SP Yardage Marker, Blue
  915703SP Yardage Marker, White
  915704SP Yardage Marker, Purple
2 914600SP Selector Switch, Grey
  914601SP Selector Switch, Yellow
  914602SP Selector Switch, DIH GRND
3 10009300SP Selector Switch Bracket Assembly
  334001SP Screw, 1¼” (30 mm)
4 929100SP Selector Switch Assembly, 50 PSI (3.4 bar; 340 kPa)
  929101SP Selector Switch Assembly, 65 PSI (4.9 bar; 490 kPa)
  929102SP Selector Switch Assembly, 80 PSI (5.5 bar; 550 kPa)
  10009000SP Selector Switch Assembly, COM
  934500SP Pressure Regulator, 50 PSI (3.4 bar; 340 kPa)
  934501SP Pressure Regulator, 65 PSI (4.9 bar; 490 kPa)
  934502SP Pressure Regulator, 80 PSI (5.5 bar; 550 kPa)
  386605SP Selector Switch Base Filter
  929300SP Manifold Assembly, TTS
5 353601SP Two-Way Module, 100, TTS
  686501SP Two-Way Module, 200, TTS
6 929600SP Solenoid Base Assembly
7 526800SP Snap Ring, Lower, G-800
8 929700SP Inlet Valve, Elec, G-800
  929701SP Inlet Valve, COM
  929800SP Rock Screen Kit, Electric
  387400SP Valve Filter Screen
  10009400SP Velocity Control Disk Kit
9 10009200SP Pilot Valve Bracket Assembly
  334001SP Screw, 1¼" (30 mm)
10 10009100SP Body Assembly, GT800


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