TTS-800 Golf Rotor

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Precision Engineering, Inside and Out
Hunter has been on the leading edge of golf irrigation for more than three decades. We build performance, reliability, and serviceability into every product we make.

Now, we are proud to advance our legacy of industry firsts with TTS-800 Series rotors — the most innovative and technologically advanced gear-driven rotors on the market. TTS-800 rotors provide maximum uniformity and longevity in the field. The high-torque gear drives are the strongest in the industry, so the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality are mitigated.
Our full-line family of TTS-800 rotors provides best-in-class solutions for any golf course, anywhere around the globe. These rotors have all the features expected by superintendents along with several capabilities never available before in a golf rotor, like an extra-large flange compartment and proprietary Filter Sentry® technology that scours the filter clean during every opening and closing cycle.

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