ACC - Wiring Compartment


  1. Inner Door – Opens to main wiring compartment
  2. AC Wiring compartment – For connection of 120/230V AC power with 1 x 0.75" (19 mm) conduit opening
  3. Fuse – 2 Amp (fast) 250V, 6 x 20 mm
  4. Conduit Openings, Low Voltage – 2" x 2½" (64 mm), 2" x ¾" (19 mm)
  5. Wire Tie Holders for Valve Wires – Valve wiring area
  6. Station Output Terminals (Valve Wires) – screw terminals on 6-station output modules
  7. Upper Deck Panel with Led Status Indicators – Numbered station lights, green for active, red for faults
  8. Sliding Lock for Output Modules – Permits addition or removal of output modules, locks wired modules in place
  9. Master Module – Includes sensor, Pump/Master Valve, and other accessory connections.
  10. SmartPort® – Integrated connector for ICR/SRR/ROAM/ROAMXL receiver (on the side of cabinet)
  11. Earth Ground Lug – For connection of earth ground copper wire (for surge protection only). Do not connect valve commons – see Master Module for Common wiring of solenoids and valves.

IMPORTANT: The ACC controller has a Class II (Double Insolated) rating, where it has been designed so that it does not require a safety connection to the ground (see figure below from manual). It is NOT recommended to make any onsite modifications to any internal parts in the controller as it will void the manufacture warranty.


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