Can I use Hunter’s battery-operated controllers with other manufacturer’s valves?

We would prefer that you use a Hunter valve with a Hunter DC latching solenoid, but we realize that sometimes you may be retrofitting existing systems that have another manufacturer’s valves. We have done testing on the following solenoids and have found these to operate with the Hunter SVC, WVC and XC Hybrid battery powered controllers. (some of these DC latching solenoids required a reduced system pressure, below 150 PSI (10.34 bars/1034.25 kPa), to ensure proper operation):


  • Baccara G75-0-10002                       
  • Baccara G75-0-10002                      
  • Bermad S392-2                                
  • Nelson® 8090                                  
  • Rain Bird® TBOSPSOL                   
  • Irritrol E2003                                    


  • Baccara G75-S-50162 ¾” valve
  • Baccara G75-S-60162 1” valve (max. 75psi)(5.17 bars/517.12 kPa)
  • Bermad 200 series valve (max. 50psi)(3.45 bars/344.75 kPa)
  • Nelson 7917 series valve   (max. 50psi)
  • Rain Bird DV100 and PEB100 valves
  • Irritrol 100 series valve (max. 80psi)(5.52 bars/551.6 kPa)





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